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“Congratulations on last night’s concert, Rick! Excellent work – impressive. Liked the arrangements: the choir obviously liked “Santa Baby”; you found ways for the junior concert band to shine; the featured percussion in the senior concert band’s “Arabian Dances” worked a treat. I liked “New York:1927” very much. The stage band rocks! Here’s only one example of many great moments: Dryden’s vocal solo on “Moondance”. I thought that the nod you gave to the music programs in the feeder schools and the other high school in the area was very classy. Bruce and I really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks! Let us know when your next concert is and we’ll do our best to attend.”

“What an amazing performance!!!  Thank you for all your hard work!”

“Thank you for your great direction and conducting for the Grade 8 band so far this year! I was home with another sick son so I missed the concert but my husband and parents said it was awesome!  My son loves band and really sings your praises!”

“I just wanted to Thank you and all the students for a wonderful evening last night! My son’s grandparents were able to attend and were blown away by all the talent on the stage. You and all the students should be proud. Thank you again!”

“Impressive! The maturity of the jazz combo to work as a team without a director, then the snap of the stage band as they joyfully settled into the groove of your direction…loved Cain on bass, Emma’s lovely voice, young Jordan on piano, Mia the all-round musician…choir, junior and senior concert bands, all delivered solid performances. The boy who greeted us at the door did an excellent job and the kids in the audience were all unfailingly polite. We didn’t know a soul in the place except you, and yet we felt right at home. What a gift! Let us know when you’re doing this again.”

“Thank you so much for the amazing performance last night. All the students were amazing! It was our first high school concert, we were blown away.” -December 10, 2015

“Congratulations! What an excellent evening you and your students put on!”

“Thanks so much for a great concert last night. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were impressed by all the performances, especially the junior group. Congratulations!”

“Just a note to say how impressed Judy and I were with your concert last night. It was a real pleasure to see so many students participating and a fantastic turnout from the community in support. There were a lot of happy parents there last night. We think you have good cause to be proud of the way your students handled themselves – they were respectful, attentive, and doing a really good job. We enjoyed a most entertaining evening. I even got a cookie during the intermission!! I gotta say, Rick, that your contribution to the cultural life of the school is obviously enormous. It’s so good to see a great music program in action. Congratulations, and thanks for the pleasure.”

“Thanks for an awesome evening of music. Congratulations on a great performance and an Excellent rating at the Vancouver Island Concert Band Festival, a Superior rating for the Sr. Concert band at VICB, and a Silver award and an invitation to Musicfest Canada (The Nationals!) for the Stage Band!”

“Awesome concert last night. Well done and thank you.”

“I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the concert last night!  Well done!!!!”