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BSS Music Hoodie Orders


Hello all,

We now have Ballenas Music hoodies for sale, and you can purchase them through our online school payments website. The hoodies will be $40.00 each and will feature the same school logo as our school spirit wear, but one of our students has adapted it to be more of a BSS Music logo. The hoodies will be available in the same sizes as our current our school spirit wear, but they will feature our new BSS Music Logo on the front. The hoodies will be black, and if you would like to, you can also get your last name printed on the back of your hoodie (for an extra $5.00 fee).

Parents can login to the online school payments to purchase these hoodies. They will be on sale until the end of Spring Break, and then they will arrive a week or two later. You can purchase them by logging onto the online school payments here:

If you haven’t used the online payment site yet, you can call our school office for instructions.

We will get some sample sizes to try on in the next few weeks, but if your child already has a hoodie from the BSS Spirit Wear sales, the sizing will be the same.

I hope to see lots of BSS Music hoodies around Ballenas in April, so get your orders in before the end of Spring Break!!!

Thanks!  🙂