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Yearbook Ads Fundraiser

The Ballenas Yearbook is selling ad space!!!

The majority of the yearbook costs are covered through yearbook sales, but additional revenue from advertising helps us to offset the costs to our students. If we are able to secure advertising from the business community, we believe this will be a win-win for everyone…providing a yearbook that everyone will value! This year we have partnered with the Ballenas Music Program to help us sell our ads. This is used as a major fundraiser for the program to help cover their costs for their various music festivals.

This is a great fundraiser for music students as 75% of the revenue will go toward the student who brings in the ad! You can find all of the information and the order forms below. Please contact Mr. Seidel ( if you have any questions on how it works!


Yearbook Ad Info:

Yearbook Ad letter


Yearbook Ad Order Form:

Yearbook Ad order form