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Chocolate Almonds

October 6, 2016

Dear Parents;

Because of student interest again this year, the Ballenas Music Dept. has decided to use World’s Finest Chocolate Covered Almonds as a fundraising vehicle. Chocolates are now available for pickup from my office in the musicroom. Students may purchase them by the case for $31.00 cash or cheque, which contains 30 boxes to be sold for $2.00 each. Students make $29.00 on each case they sell- that’s almost 100% profit! Several motivated students have made $200-$300 selling chocolate almonds. The record is just over $400.00! Students may purchase as many cases as they wish. I will continue to make them available to students, as long as they keep buying them to fundraise.

Profit may be placed in a piggy bank at home or bank account to be saved and used to offset the cost of Music trips and festivals.

It is hoped that over time, students are able to sell several cases, which would earn them considerable funds.

I hope this proves to be a good fundraiser for your son/daughter.