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Long & McQuade Cleaning Kits, Reeds, etc.

Long & McQuade – Band Instrument Cleaning Kits and Accessories

It’s a VERY good idea for Band students to have the proper items to clean and take care of their instruments. Getting a cleaning kit is a great place to start! You can order cleaning kits directly from the Long & McQuade website, and the items can be shipped right to your house or to the Nanaimo L&M location for you to pick up. If you phone the Nanaimo store, they can also deliver items up to the school here directly when their Education Rep, Darren Nilsson, drives up island each week. Here is the contact info for the Nanaimo store:

Here are the links to the different cleaning kits:


REEDS: Clarinet players and Saxophone players should always have four or five reeds available to use in their cases. I would usually suggest purchasing Rico Royal reeds (blue box). Juno reeds and Rico reeds (orange box) are also okay, but Rico Royal are usually more consistent and reliable. For a reed number, a strength of 2 to 2.5 for grade 8/9 students is good, and I would suggest a strength of 2.5 to 3 for grade 10 and above. I have some reeds available to purchase in the band room, but it would be better to purchase a box of reeds (usually 10 in a box) for your child.


Alto Sax:—Orchestral/Woodwind-Accessories/Carlton/Alto-Saxophone-Care-Kit.htm

Tenor & Bari Sax:—Orchestral/Woodwind-Accessories/Carlton/Tenor-Sax-Care-Kit.htm


French Horn:—Orchestral/Woodwind-Accessories/Carlton/French-Horn-Care-Kit.htm