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Sr. Concert Band 10-12

Demonstration Of Skills:

DOS – Concert Eb Major (pg. 12-15). This must be completed by January 21st.

There are TWO parts to this Demonstration of Skills! You must perform these TWO things correctly and with confidence! 🙂
You may submit/turn-in a video via Google Classroom for this, or you can play it for Mr. Kellas in person during class, at lunch, or after school. This may also be performed in groups of two or three people (if you’d rather not play it on your own).

Part One: Perform one of the Major Scale Exercises – pg. 12 #1 (for Proficient), or #2, #4, or #5 (for Extending)
Part Two: Perform one of the melodies from this key signature – pg. 13 #8 or #9 (in Major) or pg. 15 #8 or #9 (in the relative minor)

Please see the assignment posted on our Google Classroom for the corresponding marking rubric.


Link to view the course outline:

Sr. Concert Band 10 to 12 Outline



Link to Sr. Concert Band Repertoire Recordings: